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    Welcome to ARF Sweden- Film and culture for human rights

    We promote respect in relationships between people of various backgrounds, cultures and experiences. Our objective is to counteract racism, xenophobia, discrimination and crimes against Human Rights.”

    Film has a unique abiltity to illustrate and give life to important questions. By combining film with a lecture we adress emotion as well as intellect, which may lead to increased understanding and tolerance.

    For further information please contact us at info@arfarf.se

    About ARF Malmö, Sweden


    ARF was founded in 1993 by “Etniska Relationer” (Ethnic Relations), “Filmcentrum Syd” (Center of Film South) and “Folkets Bio” (People’s Cinema) in Malmö. Our main target is to reach children, teenagers and the adults surrounding them. We also turn to the general public in order to address and debate issues regarding Human Rights.

    ARF´s activities

    ARF´s work in the field of Human Rights is divided between 4 areas.

    1. Antiracist film seminars.

    This is the base of ARF. Since 1993 we have arranged antiracist seminars, with film screenings followed by discussions. The discussions are led by lecturers who are handpicked and has special knowledge on the subject of the film. Film is a very strong and direct media. Through film we can travel through time and space. Meet cultures and people from far away. Film has a fantastic capacity and stimulates your mind as well as your feelings. With our film seminars we want to increase the common knowledge in the areas of racism, xenophobia and discrimination. And we believe that our seminars, in the end, will contribute to an increased understanding and tolerance between people.

    ARF arranges film seminars all year round and during one week in we arrange a festival with five days of screenings, discussions and workshops. Every festival has got it´s own subtitle, that defines the topics we focus on that year.

    Below are some of the subtitles from previous years.

    “Respect!?” – We arranged seminars that highlighted the different aspects of a very frequently used word. Respect – yes of course, but for what, for whom and in what way?

    “This far but no further”– In the seminars we discussed visible and invisible borders. Meaning the borders that separate people from each other, but also the borders that helps us distinguish good from evil and that determines our actions towards other human beings.

    “Love sees no colour” – The emphasis on Love was the guideline for the choice of films and lecturers. Sometimes you focus too much on the negative point of view. By choosing Love we wanted to send a positive message that would lead to a deeper understanding and a commitment to antiracist work.

    2. Networks

    ARF creates and is a part of several networks. Within ARF we have “Arrangörsgruppen”, a network which forms the base of ARF. The network consists of representatives of many different NGOs in Sweden and a wide range of local institutions such as schools and cultural departments in the region.

    3. Creating meeting points

    In Malmö teenagers from different areas can live in the same city without meeting. At the same time more and more teenagers have the feeling of being outside the society. They have no faith in the government, in the police or in other authorities. In ARF we believe in the importance of meeting face to face. In 2005 we created a workshop “Dare to meet”, where politicians, police and teenagers had a chance to meet and discuss.

    4. Creating tools

    ARF has been working with film seminars since 1993 and by that gained a lot of experience. In 2005 the book “Film – a tool in the work against racism” was released. A manual for teachers, and others, on how to use film when tutoring in topics like racism, xenophobia and discrimination.